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22 years of experience

About Kris Hampton

I became a student of movement by watching gymnasts train at a facility near the neighborhood where I grew up. I saved my money, took a class, and in a short time, was teaching tumbling classes and coaching men's gymnastics. I eventually found rock climbing, and after a decade as a trad climber, discovered the joy of the gymnastic movement that is sport climbing and bouldering. At 33 I really began training for climbing, and at 40, climbed my first 5.14. Along the way I've found inspiration in helping others employ the training techniques that will see them to their goals.

Climbing in all its forms.

About Nathan Drolet

I began climbing in 2005 and since the beginning, I've been obsessed with trying to understand movement. I've never considered myself a naturally strong climber, so I've had to learn to make up for that with technique, mindset, and tactics. However, in the winter of 2014, I realized the shortcoming in this approach and began the process of learning as much about strength and conditioning as possible. This, combined with my love for movement, is what brought me to the path that I am on now with coaching.

18 years of experience

About Rannveig Aamodt

I’m a professional rock climber from Norway, working with prAna and La Sportiva as my main sponsors. I’m a well rounded climber and a I have a wide experience with outdoor activities, expeditions and rehab.
In April 2012, I took a 50-foot groundfall while sport climbing. I suffered dislocation/open fractures of both ankles, 3 vertebral compression fractures, a pelvis fractures, various fractures of the small bones in my feet, an open fracture/dislocation of my right elbow, and tears and ruptures of tendons in my ankles and upper arm. I have returned to climbing at a higher level.

I'm mostly focused on sport climbing. I love the outdoors. In 2006 I did a 3,800-kilometer winter ski traverse of Norway.

I have a 3 year sport education program
specialized in training for rock climbing as well as coaching education.

4 years of guiding/ coaching experience in Norway & CO

I managed a climbing gym
teaching classes
coaching youth teams and setting routes for 2 years.

RYT-200 yoga teacher training.

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About Power Company Climbing

Training for climbing is a relatively young idea.  At The Power Company, we've studied the training of Olympic gymnasts, sprinters, and power lifters, as well as movement based pursuits such as parkour, yoga, and calisthenics.  We've created training plans for climbers of all abilities and styles, with great results.  

We'd be happy to take a look at your experience, goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and craft an individualized training plan to fit your needs.

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