How does PDF Training work?  

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Over the years we've written hundreds of training plans for climbers of a wide range of abilities. For our PDF plans, we take the most effective of those plans, and with a few modifications meant to target a very specific type of climber, we put them out there in the world for a ridiculously low price. These PDF plans are very similar in scope to our online training plans, minus the app and the coach interaction. If you're self motivated, and just need some direction when you're in the gym, these plans are what you're looking for! There are dozens to choose from, and if you aren't sure which one is for you, we'd be happy to suggest the plan we think will fit best.

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How does Online Training work?  

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After you've chosen a plan (which we can help you with!), we'll spend some time getting to know you and your climbing.  We'll factor in your strengths, weaknesses, and experience to build a training plan to help you reach your goals. Once we've built your plan, we'll deliver it to you via the mobile app (available on Android and iOS - Windows phone users will have to use the web app).  There you'll see videos of the exercises and be able to log your workouts so that we can see your progress and, if need be, make adjustments to your plan.  No more papers to keep track of, and you'll be able to talk directly to your trainer through the app!

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